brighten things up

Add some colors from nature inside your home

The autumn brings lovely changes around the country. Dappled sunlight through changing leaves is the iconic scene of the season and it is stunning, but if you live near the ocean, the colors change there, too, as the ocean reflects the changing light of the season and reflects nature’s glow. As the days grow shorter, the sunsets and sunrises grow more spectacular with the sky adding to the splendorous colors of the season.

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? You wish it would last forever.

Whether your favorite autumn colors are the classic New England changing of leaves, or the breathtaking blues and aquamarine of Florida’s coastline, that beauty can inspire you to make some home improvements and bring some of those colors inside. A new countertop, vanity top, a table top or desk top that brings some of the colors of the outdoors home, could be just the thing to brighten up your indoor décor.

Curava recycled glass surfaces come in a variety of striking colors inspired by nature. Wheat, Savaii and Gelato are among our many beautiful options. These superior surfaces are made to last from recycled glass and resin, polished to a smooth finish and consistent from top to bottom.

It’s easy to shop for Curava. It’s available in fabricator showrooms and select kitchen and bath design centers throughout the country or at a Lowe’s store near you. You can also shop on our website from the comfort of your home or order samples to help you choose the Curava color that will add to the beauty of your home.

Bringing some of the splendor of nature’s colors indoors will make your home brighter now and for many years to come.