You have so many choices when it comes to choosing a surface for your countertop, vanity top, accent wall, furniture top or bar. As a homeowner, you may feel overwhelmed as you plan and research your options to find the right surface for you.

Key considerations may include:

  • How easy is maintenance? Is sealing required?
  • Will it stain? or etch?
  • Do I need to personally view and select each slab to ensure consistency?

Quartz surfaces are increasingly popular for ease of maintenance and consistency of the slabs, as well as the many popular designs that mirror the look of natural stones and marble. Recycled-glass surfaces such as Curava are a niche within the quartz surface category.

If you are researching quartz surfaces and are drawn to the beauty of recycled-glass surfaces, you have important considerations in order to make an informed decision:

Resin vs. Cement

Superior Recycled-Glass Surfaces are Bound by Resin
Curava (Resin-based)Cement-based
Non-porous; stain/bacteria resistant Porous; stain prone
No sealing required; low maintenance Sealing required; more maintenance
Durable; made to last a lifetime Prone to crumble

Many recycled surfaces are bound by cement. We fully understand this as when Curava initially started we, too, used cement in manufacturing our recycled-glass surfaces.

Recycled-glass surfaces bound by cement are porous and therefore susceptible to staining and etching. They require periodic sealing, which means more maintenance for you to protect the surface. For many homeowners this is less appealing, as the beauty of the surface will diminish over time.

We bind our recycled-glass surfaces with resin to offer you low maintenance, beauty and durability that will last for years. Our nonporous surfaces are highly sanitary (ideal for commercial applications) as well as stain, heat and etching resistant. Additionally, Curava surfaces are non-toxic and VOC free.

Resin binding is just one reason why Curava surfaces are a superior choice when choosing a surface for your home.

Superior Manufacturing

As a homeowner, you may be less interested in how the surface is created, but Curava’s superior manufacturing process offers you a great benefit: It saves you time during the selection process.

Quartz surfaces and recycled-glass surfaces are manufactured stone, and there are wide variations in the quality of products offered in the market. So, while we get that you may be less interested in the manufacturing process details, we suspect you do want a quality surface that you can enjoy for a long time.

With Curava’s superior and eco-friendly manufacturing process, we offer you a beautiful, consistent look in each and every slab. This streamlines your selection process as the details and depth of the recycled glass are uniform slab to slab and top to bottom, unlike many other similar products, especially among recycled-glass surfaces. Details and quality matter to us. You can count on a superior surface made from 100% recycled-glass and quartz particulates bound by resin.

Resin + Superior Manufacturing = A Superior Recycled Glass Surface

Selecting the right surface for your home can be stressful. Curava surfaces offer a high-quality surface that is striking, easy to maintain and durable. You deserve superior and, at Curava, we’re proud to offer you a superior recycled-glass surface to enjoy for a lifetime. Now go ahead — get all glassy eyed by checking out our colors.