The Beauty of Nature Comes Home

We are experiencing unusual times. We are spending more time in our homes, working and studying and being responsible with social distancing. Cleaning products are flying off the shelves, and hand sanitizer is nowhere to be found. Paying more attention to our own personal hygiene and cleaning frequently used surfaces is top of mind.

If you are in the midst of a home project, and sanitariness is becoming a higher requirement than it may have been before, we want you to know that Curava recycled glass surfaces offer a very important benefit:  they are non-porous which means they are highly sanitary.

Those high traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom are at the top of everyone’s chore list. So, having surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect can make the job of keeping your home clean easier. Curava offers superior surfaces that can do just that. Our surfaces incorporate the look of recycled glass and quartz particulates bound by the strength and durability of resin.

Unlike cement-based surfaces, Curava surfaces are not subject to staining and etching and they do not require periodic sealing. They are also heat, scratch, and stain resistant. Our superior recycled glass surfaces bound by resin offer you low maintenance, beauty and durability that will last for years. You will have peace of mind that when you clean your Curava surfaces you know they are really clean.

And, you don’t have to compromise on style as we offer a wide range of beautiful colors and several finishes, so you can be comforted with cleanliness and feel confident in your choice to create a unique and bold look in your home.

Curava products are also sustainable. Our surfaces are made from 100% post-consumer, post-industrial recycled glass and manufactured using a zero water-waste process. One more reason to feel good about choosing Curava.

Curava’s superior surfaces will give you the peace of mind that your kitchen, vanity, furniture top or bar top is not just beautiful, it is beautifully clean. Curava is available in fabricator showrooms and select kitchen and bath design centers throughout the country. You can also order Curava samples and decide from the comfort of your living room which striking Curava color speaks to you. Be safe and be well.