Are you looking to make a statement in your home’s décor?

Consider Curava. Our recycled-glass surfaces offer striking colors for endless possibilities for your kitchen countertops, vanity tops, furniture tops, bars and even as an accent wall. Curava surfaces give you the chance to make a statement, anywhere in your home.

Bold + Beautiful.

Choose colors that complement your home’s décor: warm and neutral tones, beautiful blues and greens, and even colors with real seashells for a stunning coastal décor.

Consider Arctic, a crystal-white surface with beautiful blue and silver recycled glass, to become the focal point in any room. Inspired by the polar purity of the Arctic, this glacial surface is a crisp, contemporary color option.

Savaii, popular for its cool tone and serene pastels of Polynesia, incorporates natural golden seashells with clear glass, calming as a Pacific breeze. With the crystal-clear clarity and color inspired by the natural world, Element will complement your home with just the right amount of highlight and shine for a harmonious environment.

To find your vibe, check out Curava’s full product line of colors that speak to the trend-setter in you.

Striking + Affordable.

Curava is unique. Notice the depth, color and size of its 100% recycled-glass particulates, evenly dispersed throughout the slab for a uniform look not found in many other recycled glass surfaces. With Curava there is no compromise. Beautiful, unique and affordable, Curava is price competitive with other mid-range quartz and granite products.

We’re excited to be expanding our product line with larger recycled-glass particulates and bold colors — all striking surfaces to make a statement. Stay tuned.