Turn Your Entertaining Daydreams into Reality

Like many of us, you’re looking out the window watching summer turn to fall, wondering what your holiday entertaining is going to look like this year. You’re remembering last year’s holiday fun and working out a plan to make this holiday season great, even if the numbers will be smaller and everything seems different.

Making the holidays special should include making your entertaining space welcoming. Have you been thinking about adding a bar or a new table? You can liven things up with something new to make that space you’ve spent so much time in special and more appealing to you and your family.

A bar or tabletop made from Curava recycled glass surfaces will give your space the beauty and style you’re looking for. Curava offers striking colors that will make a statement to fit your style and decor. With colors that are inspired by nature we’re sure your imagination will be inspired, too. Perhaps the elegant Kashmir or crisp Himalaya will catch your eye. There are plenty of choices for you to decide what sparks your imagination.

Curava surfaces are not only beautiful, they are superior surfaces which are made with resin not cement. This means that they don’t require sealing and are very low maintenance. They are non-porous and heat, scratch, stain and bacteria resistant. Curava surfaces are durable and made to last for a lifetime of easy entertaining.

A bar or a new tabletop made with a Curava surface will bring beauty and a wow factor to your space. You’ll love your new surface and you’re sure to get compliments as you entertain this holiday season and for many years to come.

Curava is available in fabricator showrooms and select kitchen and bath design centers throughout the country. Order Curava samples to help you choose which color speaks to you. Make your home more beautiful this holiday season and lift your spirits.