An Interior Designer Shares Why She Chose Curava

why curava

Our kids’ bathroom is a HIGH traffic zone with four children each vying for a spot, especially at night. So, when it was time for a bathroom makeover, I had a list of requirements for the surface I was going to choose for our new countertop. As a Mom, a big concern for me was that the surface be low maintenance and able to withstand standing water. Although I love my children dearly, wiping the counter down after a tooth brushing party is not a task I enjoy.

I also needed the surface to be durable and easy to maintain because this bathroom not only serves our four children, but also is the primary bathroom for guests. We entertain quite a bit, so this bathroom needed the right materials to be durable and non-porous. And I needed it to last.

As a designer, I was looking for something that could straddle the line between whimsical and mature. I wanted a material that could be fun and indicative of a young family while hoping for something that could look polished and modern as the kids grow.

The other curveball was that this bathroom is centrally located in the home and does not have any windows, therefore no natural light. Knowing this, I was especially focused on finding a beautiful countertop surface that would command attention, create a beautiful focal point AND reflect light!

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Curava recycled glass surfaces checked every box on my long list of must-haves. I chose Curava Himalaya as the perfect solution. As my family has tested Curava’s many qualities over time, I have not been disappointed with my choice.

Colleen Farias is a Seacoast New England Interior Designer and small business owner of Cider Street Designs She loves crafting beautiful spaces and when she isn't working, she's probably at the beach with her kids and their surfboards. Her signature looks are timeless, unexpected and affordable.