Affordable, Durable + Low Maintenance

Curava offers a superior recycled glass surface delivering an ideal balance of enduring beauty, durability and sustainability. Our surfaces are affordable and competitive with other mid-range quartz and granite products and like quartz, Curava surfaces are highly sanitary and non-porous, as well as heat, scratch and stain resistant. Curava surfaces do not require sealing, delivering low maintenance and long-lasting appeal. Curava surfaces are non-toxic and VOC free. Unlike recycled glass surfaces made with cement, Curava is stain resistant and not subject to acidic etching. With proper use and care, your Curava surface will last for many years. Note there are certain materials that are likely to leave permanent marks on most surfaces including Curava such as Sharpie markers, spices such as turmeric and purple primer used for plumbing.


Day to day cleaning of Curava requires only a damp cloth, sponge or paper towel. We recommend warm water and a non-abrasive cleanser. Mild soap and water is the best option. For best results clean any food or liquid spills promptly. Curava is stain resistant, but not stain proof. Certain materials used near or on your Curava surface may cause stains including, but not limited to turmeric, Sharpies and purple primer. Use extra caution with such items on or near your Curava surface. For dried spills a non-abrasive scrub pad with a mild cleanser such as Formula 409™ should remove the foreign material. While Curava is normally able to resist most household chemicals, avoid products containing bleach or ammonia. If such products come in contact with your Curava surface, immediately flush with water and then clean thoroughly with a diluted vinegar and water solution. If a stain results, contact the installer of your Curava surface.

Polishing & Sealing

Curava does not require polishing or sealing. Simple, normal cleaning will keep your Curava surface as striking and durable as the day it was installed. Given Curava is non-porous the surface will remain smooth with its original glossy finish. No additional polishing or sealing is needed or recommended.

Curava surfaces are made from 100% post-consumer, post-industrial recycled glass. The products are covered by a limited 15-year warranty, and are available in varying thicknesses suitable for everything from countertops and tabletops to walls.


Curava may not withstand sustained heat directed on its surface. This includes but is not limited to heat produced by direct transfer of hot pots to the surface, radiant heat from crock pots or electric fry pans, or direct exposure to heat lamps. It is always recommended that a trivet or hot pad be employed to prevent unnecessary heating of the material surface.


Curava is NOT a seamless product. Your countertop will have seams in it where separate components have been joined, and they may be visible. A well-executed seam may be smooth to the touch but also be visible.

As a result of the manufacturing process, small voids may appear on the surface of Curava, approximately the size of a pin head. Typical depths of these voids are less than 1 mm and do not affect the integrity of the slab or have impact on the overall porosity of the material.