Curava offers beautiful, bold and unique surfaces incorporating 100% recycled glass, delivering a rich and distinctive look not found in comparably priced products.


The product lines feature a full palette of color options, including an elegant balance of warm and cool jewel tones, as well as neutral backgrounds to complement any kitchen or bath design. Several colors incorporate seashells and some feature a sea glass finish, ideal for creating a stunning coastal décor.


Curava’s superior manufacturing capabilities ensure the consistency of each slab, which simplifies the selection process and delivers peace of mind that every inch of the surface showcases the Curava allure from top to bottom.

Resin-based Recycled Glass Surfaces are Superior to Cement-based:

Benefits of Curava (Resin-based)Cement-based
Non-porous; stain/bacteria resistant Porous; stain prone
No sealing required; low maintenance Sealing required; more maintenance
Durable; made to last a lifetime Prone to crumble


One of the most eco-friendly surfaces on the market today, made from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled glass. Every square foot of your Curava surface removes 25 bottles from a landfill. That’s 25 easy reasons to go green with Curava.

Curava surfaces are manufactured using a variety of green friendly methods including a zero-water waste manufacturing process.

100% Recycled Glass
The recycled glass in Curava is collected from landfills and other resources from post-consumer and post-industrial waste, including discarded glass bottles and window and windshield glass.

Curava Composition

Curava composition

Come Out Of Your Shell

Curava Savaii

One of our most popular colors, Savaii, incorporates seashells, further elevating the beauty and appeal. Surfaces incorporating seashells do not require any additional maintenance.

Given seashells are products of nature, the outer shells may have different colors (i.e., light red or light green) and may take on a slightly different, less glossy, finish than the surrounding surface. Shells might lose their gloss if subjected to acidic substances for long periods of time.

Smooth Under Pressure

Curava is manufactured using the most advanced slab technology available on the market today. This industry-leading technology allows us to create surfaces that are smooth to the touch. Throughout the complex manufacturing process, polishing heads apply thousands of pounds of pressure to the crystalline glass fragments in our surfaces. This process ensures that all of our surfaces require no additional sealing or polishing. We’ve done all of the work so you don’t have to.

Occasionally, the high-pressure manufacturing process may cause tiny, sporadic pinholes or divots in the glass that may not be visible but may occasionally be present to the touch. This is an inherent characteristic of the product and has no structural consequence. If you feel any imperfection, please note that this is completely normal and it will not deteriorate over time.

An Innovative New Finish – ‘Sea glass’

Arctc Sea Glass Finish

This finish is the same as what is often called the leathered or brushed finish on granite. When the finish is used on recycled glass, it imparts a sea glass look, hence Curava’s name for this technique.

The finish is obtained by using leathering brushes instead of polishing wheels when finishing the face of the slabs. This removes more material from the softer parts of the stone than the harder parts, producing the finish.

Uniquely Uniform for a High-Quality Look

Our surfaces are produced using a time-tested glass dispersion technique. Each surface that comes out of our facility has a remarkable and noticeable uniformity with dispersion of the glass particulates throughout the slab. Unlike many competing products, Curava offers a beautiful, consistent look in each and every slab. This streamlines the selection process for homeowners as every product looks uniform, both from slab to slab and top to bottom. Our manufacturing process strives to create uniformity, note that broken glass inherently varies from piece to piece so there may be glass dispersion difference between a sample vs. a full slab due to the mixing process.

Looking for Curava for a Commercial Project?

Curava is an ideal alternative for interior uses for commercial projects.

Custom Curava colors are available for Commercial Projects. 65 slab minimum. Please contact us to discuss your commercial project.


  • Slab size: 120" x 55"
  • Slab thickness: 3cm (1-1/4” approx.) and 2cm (3/4” approx.)
  • Weight: 2cm (10 lbs./sq. ft.), 3cm (15 lbs./sq. ft.)
  • Slab finish: Polished (no polishing needed post-installation)
  • Percentage of recycled glass content (by weight): 60% approx.
  • Seams: Visible, Consult with Installer