We are redefining the recycled-glass surfaces sector with a superior product that your customers will love for its striking appearance and superior quality, manufactured with 100% recycled glass.


STRIKING Bold colors with endless possibilities including colors with larger recycled glass particulates and options with seashells.
SUPERIOR Top quality recycled-glass surface bound by resin for superior durability and easy maintenance.
SUSTAINABLE Made from 100% recycled glass and quartz particulates; eco-friendly manufacturing process with zero water waste.
Curava composition

Why Fabricators Choose Curava

Superior surface bound by resin
Easy to fabricate; requiring no special equipment
Follows same fabrication and installation guidelines as quartz
Quality product backed by excellent customer service and support
Affordable as pricing is comparable to mid-range quartz and granite products

For Your Safety

Curava recycled glass surfaces are among the safer materials to fabricate. Given the primary component is recycled glass (classified as amorphous silica dioxide), it contains a type of silica that poses no health risk when fabricated.

Superior Recycled-Glass Surfaces are Bound by Resin
Curava (Resin-based)Cement-based
Non-porous; stain/bacteria resistant Porous; stain prone
No sealing required; low maintenance Sealing required; more maintenance
Durable; made to last a lifetime Prone to crumble

Ideal for residential and commercial applications including countertops, vanity tops, bars, furniture tops and accent walls.
Curava is not recommended for exterior uses.

Countertops & Architectural Surfaces - ISFA

Read about Curava in an article published in the Q2 2020 issue of ISFA’s Countertops & Architectural Surfaces magazine.



Easy to Maintain

Easy to

Ultra Hygienic





Curava's Commitment to Fabricators

As a family-owned business, our business is personal. It's about building and maintaining relationships, especially with you as a fabricator.

Our commitment to you includes:


of our striking and superior recycled-glass surfaces.


order to deliver in no more than 5 business days.


our manufacturing process delivers a superior recycled-glass surface that is uniform from top to bottom and from slab to slab, streamlining both the selection and installation processes.

A Partner
in the Truest Sense

We are committed to supporting your business and providing you superior customer service.
We are accessible should any product questions or issues arise.


Custom colors are available for commercial projects; minimum of 30 slabs.

Get Started with Curava


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  2. Access Granted: Curava login provided within 1 business day for ongoing access
  3. Order Samples: Order free sample kit on curava.gogecko.com
  4. Contact Finance: To set up ongoing payments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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  • Slab size: 120" x 55"
  • Jumbo slabs: 126" x 63" (contact us to confirm availability by color)
  • Slab thickness: 3cm (1-1/4" approx.), 2cm (3/4" approx.)
  • Weight: 2cm (10 lbs/sq ft), 3cm (15 lbs/sq ft)
  • Slab finish: Polished (no polishing needed post-installation)