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The Story of How Curava Began

Curava is a family-owned business, with members who are both entrepreneurial and multifaceted — working in many areas of the stone business, from interior and exterior cladding to fabricating countertops. Curava arose from a place of curiosity and innovation when one day, a what-if idea led to a wow product.

Superior Resin-Based Surfaces —

Together, the brothers and their father knew they had something special on their hands. With this simple experiment, they had created a mixture with the potential to be an eye-catching, sustainable surface. Better still, it could offer the environmentally conscious consumer an affordable alternative to granite or marble. With many trips abroad to source materials, find the perfect manufacturing facility and create a recycling plant, the family worked tirelessly to make their vision a reality.

Over time the family has learned through trial and error evolving from that first bucket of broken glass to the superior resin-based product it is today. The company is dedicated to going above and beyond to provide beautiful, unique, creative surfaces that last a lifetime.

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