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Find out about the Curava family story, and what makes us unique.

The Story of How Curava Began

Curava is a family-owned business, with members who are both entrepreneurial and multifaceted — working in many areas of the stone business, from interior and exterior cladding to fabricating countertops. Curava arose from a place of curiosity and innovation when one day, a what-if idea led to a wow product.

Curava "Arctic" slab set against a blue cabinet finishing.

Superior Glass Surfaces

Together, the brothers and their father knew they had something special on their hands. With this simple experiment, they had created a mixture with the potential to be an eye-catching, sustainable surface.

A close-up photograph of dry rocks.

Discover a
New World —

Curava offers beautiful, bold and unique surfaces that elevate the look of a room with a wow factor.

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Beautiful & Unique

Over time the family has learned through trial and error evolving from that first bucket of broken glass to the superior resin-based product it is today. The company is dedicated to going above and beyond to provide beautiful, unique, creative surfaces that last a lifetime.

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Our crushed glass surfaces are mesmerizing.

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